A wide range of clients and diverse construction projects.

OOSTBEEK construction management + advice was founded by Herman van der Horst

He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Built Environment from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2005. During his part-time studies he worked at Heyligers design+projects. In 2003 he became a permanent employee, first as a draftsman, later as a project manager.

In 2018 Herman decided to continue independently under the name OOSTBEEK bouwmanagement + advies, based in Vreeland. The name was chosen based on the location where the company is based: House Oostbeek on the Kleizuwe in Vreeland.

Since then, he has worked for a variety of clients on diverse construction projects, both private and commercial.

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Independent and transparent

  • Independent: all benefits and/or discounts negotiated (sometimes up to 50% on purchases) are for the client.
  • Transparent hourly rate: billing can be done by agreement either on the basis of hours worked or according to an approved quote.